Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah is to ‘Develop, manage, and promote safe; high-quality; and energy efficient housing opportunities for low; very low; and moderate income individuals and families to enhance lives and communities in Southeastern Utah’.  The Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah will strive to work with community organizations to provide the highest possible service for all residents of Southeastern Utah.  We will strive to provide Affordable Housing so that low income individuals and families may  use resources to better themselves and their families and to enrich communities in Southeastern Utah.   

Company Profile

The Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah (HASU), incorporated in 1994, has over 15 years experience in development, construction and administration of Affordable Housing programs.  Through programs such as HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher program (Section 8), USDA’s Mutual Self Help program, utilizing Section 42 Low-Income Housing Tax Credits for Multi Family Development, the CROWN Rent-to-Own program, and our own Virginian Apartments, HASU is driven to serve the housing needs of low and very low income families in Southeastern Utah.
HASU is governed by a seven member Board.  The Board duties include: develop, direct, and oversee all HASU programs, ensure fiscal controls and accountability, and hire and evaluate the Executive Director. 

Board Members

Cathy Bonde - Chair
Judy Powers - Vice Chair
Dane Brewer - Secretary
Katie Hanway
Jerry McNeeley
Audrey Graham
Courtney Kizer