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CROWN Rent-to-Own

Utah CROWN program home
Rent to Own Home

What is the CROWN Program?

The CROWN Program is a Rent-to-Own program where the participants rent a home for 15 years while developing home-ownership skills.

CROWN participants’ rent payments will go towards the mortgage of their homes. 

Families will have the option to purchase at the end of the compliance period (15 years) with the equity gained through their rent payments.

Rent amounts for CROWN homes are usually well below market rate, which offers an affordable rental period while the family gains home-ownership skills and equity. 

How Do I Apply?

The Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah currently manages 5 CROWN homes in Moab, 4 in Monticello, and 4 in Blanding.

Call HASU at 435-259-5891 to check on availability and ask to be put on the wait list.

Am I Eligible?

Income qualifications apply and vary by project.

To qualify, your gross annual income needs to be under 60% AMI (Area Median Income) based on your household size. 

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